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Singer Katy Perry poses at Elton John’s 70th Birthday and 50-Year Songwriting Partnership with Bernie Taupin benefiting the Elton John AIDS Foundation and the UCLA Hammer Museum at RED Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, U.S. March 25, 2017. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok


ENTERTAINMENT 03/10/2018 12:15 pm ET Updated Mar 10, 2018
Nun Battling Katy Perry Over Convent Sale Dies In Court
Hours before her death, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman asked the singer to “please stop” trying to buy the property.

By Hilary Hanson

A nun involved in a legal battle over Katy Perry’s bid to buy a Los Angeles convent collapsed and died during a Friday court appearance related to the dispute.

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, of the Sisters of the Most Holy And Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was 89, according to ABC 7. Her cause of death was not immediately clear.

Holzman was among the nuns fighting for the ability to sell their former hilltop convent in Los Feliz to local businesswoman Dana Hollister — a desire in direct opposition to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ wish to sell the property to superstar Katy Perry.

The nuns, who haven’t lived in the property since 2011, sold the convent to Hollister in 2015. The L.A. archdiocese subsequently sued her, saying the sisters didn’t have the authority to sell the convent. Perry spent more than $2 million in legal fees fighting the small group of elderly nuns, according to Curbed LA.

The convent boasts gorgeous views of the San Gabriel Mountains and downtown Los Angeles. Hollister had plans to turn the convent into a hotel, while Perry reportedly wants to live there.

Pop star Katy Perry spent more than $2 million fighting a group of elderly nuns for the ability to purchase their former convent.
In 2016, a judge sided with the archdiocese and Perry and invalidated the sale to Hollister, clearing a path for Perry to buy the convent. In November of last year, a jury found that Hollister had intentionally interfered with the sale to Perry and a judge ordered her to pay millions to the archdiocese and the singer.

The nuns fear that because Perry’s $14.5 million offer was made to the archdio receive any money from the sale, Billboard reported in 2015. They also have issues with the singer herself.

“Katy Perry represents everything we don’t believe in,” Holzman told Billboard. “It would be a sin to sell to her.”

At the time of Holzman’s death on Friday, she was in court for a post-judgment hearing on the case, TMZ reports.

Just hours before she died.



Euthanasia Activists Want to Expand Assisted Suicide to Children and Mentally Disabled People
Life News
February 22, 2018 3:50 pm
Already there are impatient calls to expand medically assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Thaddeus Pope, JD, PhD, the influential Director of the Health Law Institute and Professor of Law at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in Saint Paul, Minnesota and writer of the Medical Futility Blog, wrote an article last December titled “Medical Aid in Dying: When Legal Safeguards Become Burdensome Obstacles” for the American Society of Clinical Oncology Post. (According to ASCO, it “has taken no official position on medical aid in dying”.)

Mr. Pope notes the “uniformity and similarity” of the six current medically assisted suicide statutes but brings up four so-called “safeguards” affecting the “next-generation issues: the justifiability of prevailing eligibility criteria and procedural requirements” that will allegedly need to be addressed. (Emphasis added)

The first is “Expanding From Adults to Mature Minors” which Mr. Pope characterizes as “unduly restrictive” in part because “Many states already allow terminally ill mature minors to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment”. (Emphasis added)

Mr. Pope’s second issue is “Expanding From Contemporaneous Capacity to Advance Directives”, stating that “All six statutes require that the patient concurrently have both a terminal illness and decision-making capacity. But this dual mandate excludes many patients who have no other exit options” such as those with “advanced dementia”. (Emphasis added)

The third issue he cites is “Expanding From Terminal Illness to ‘Reasonably Predictable’” because:

“(T)his rigid time frame excludes patients with grievous and irremediable conditions that cause suffering intolerable to the individual. Some medical conditions may cause individuals to irreversibly decline and suffer for a long period before dying. Instead of demanding a strict temporal relationship between a medical condition and death, these statutes might be more flexible and instead require that death be ‘reasonably predictable’.” (Emphasis added)
Mr. Pope’s final issue is “Expanding From Self-Ingestion to Physician Administration”:

“First, it excludes patients who lose the ability to self-administer before they otherwise become eligible. Second, self-ingestion is associated with complications. For example, around 3% of these patients had difficulty ingesting or regurgitated the medication. Other patients regained consciousness after ingestion.” (Emphasis added)
And, as in most of the previous issues, Mr. Pope approvingly cites the rapidly expanding assisted suicide situation in Canada:

“Canadian patients avoid all these problems (with self-ingestion), because physicians usually administer the medication. As a result, only 5 of more than 2,000 Canadian patients who used medical aid in dying self-ingested the lethal medication.” (Emphasis added)
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Ironically, there is one so-called “safeguard” that Mr. Pope would like to see tightened:

“that the prescribing or consulting physician refer the patient “for a mental health specialist assessment” if “there are -indications of a mental disorder.” Yet prescribing and consulting physicians have referred only 5% of medical aid in patients who are dying. Leading experts argue that this rate is probably too low relative to the expected rate of impaired judgment. Others are “surprised by how rarely the prescribing or consulting physicians refer patients for a psychiatric consultation.” (Emphasis added)
This discrimination in suicide assessment is not acceptable for any suicidal person-except now, of course, for a person requesting medically assisted suicide.


Without a strong resistance movement, these proposals are only just the next step in the death agenda. So far, much of the public, government officials and medical professionals have been shielded from the real truth by euphemisms and false reassurances from assisted suicide supporters, a mostly sympathetic mainstream media and often spineless professional and health care organizations. We all must educate ourselves to speak out before it is too late.

LifeNews Note: Nancy Valko, a registered nurse from St. Louis, is a spokeswoman for the National Association of Pro Life Nurses.

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Breeding to death: Puppy Mills tied to Euthanasia
February 22, 2018 12:29 pm

According to the Humane Society of the United States, two million dogs are put down in shelters every year because there’s no one to adopt them. (Source: WECT)

The numbers are alarming. According to the Humane Society of the United States, two million dogs are put down in shelters every year because there’s no one to adopt them.

But is pet overpopulation a problem of our own making? Rescue advocates say puppy mills are also breeding two million dogs a year, litter after litter of designer dogs, displacing animals that already exist but can’t find a home.

Erica Geppi, The North Carolina Director for the Humane Society of the United States, says there is a direct and obvious correlation between the excessive breeding in puppy mills, and the need to euthanize animals in shelters.

“It’s an issue that if you see it, you can’t unsee it, and if you let it perpetuate, that it’s one of those things that says a lot about our state unfortunately that we don’t value that type of moral action for those that we are entrusted in the care of,” Geppi told WECT of North Carolina’s lack of any regulation on dog breeding. Repeated efforts to pass minimum standards for dog breeders have passed the State House, but failed in the State Senate.

Coming up in a special report, a heart wrenching look at excessive breeding, animal euthanasia, and the toll it takes on the shelter workers who have to put these animals down. A closer look at the problem, and what you can do about it, Wednesday on WECT at 11.

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What This Little Girl Wants After Losing Her Entire Family In An Arson Attack Will Bring You To Tears
February 21, 2018 2:35 pm
There are some stories that just get to you. For one reason or another they just touch your heart in a way that you really can’t understand. This is definitely one of these stories for me. To be honest it’s hard to even write about. Especially around the holidays. This little girls name is Safyre Terry. Her story is an absolutely tragic one, and may make you shed a few tears if you have kids of your own. Take a look at her story and her plea to people on the internet and see if you can find it in your heart to want to help this amazing little girl.

In 2013, Safyre’s home in Schenectady, New York was burnt to the ground. She suffered very serious burns across her entire body. The blaze that caused her house to burn down was actually an arson attack, making things even worse.

The fire that destroyed her home also destroyed her family as well. Her father and three other siblings were all killed in the blaze. The only reason that Safyre survived is because her father shielded her body from the blaze. She has endured over 50 operations, along with the loss of her hand and foot. The burns cover more than 75% of her body. She is scheduled for another operation on January 5th.

Her aunt, Liz Dolder, bought a tree to hang Christmas cards on this year. At the sight of it, Safyre got instantly excited and wanted to fill the whole thing up. Liz told her that probably wouldn’t happen. They normally get around 10 cards a year, and the tree holds 100. Liz is now determined to give this amazing little girl the only Christmas present she really wants though. She is appealing to the whole world for cards by using the Facebook group Safyre Schenectady’s Super Survivor. She wants to give a little girl who lost literally everything a chance to have a happy Christmas.

Like I said before, this story was pretty hard to write about. Safyre has endured so much in her short life. The least we can do as a society is send her a card and wish her a Merry Christmas. If you would like to send a card to Safyre (and let’s be honest, if you don’t want too after reading that then I question if you have a heart) you can send them to P.O. Box 6126 Schenectady, NY 12306 USA. Let’s all give this girl an amazing Christmas!

Share The Story Of This Orphaned Burn Victim With All Your Friends And Get Them To Send Her Cards!


Florida Shooter Had Bloodcurdling Reaction When He Entered Court Today During Victims’ Funerals

Parents wait for news after a reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018. (AP Photo/Joel Auerbach)

what do you think
February 22, 2018 10:56 am

Life for the teenagers in Parkland Florida who’s high school was the scene of a mass shooting on Wednesday will probably never be the same. It’s unlikely that they’ll ever forget that day, no matter how hard they try. and it’s even less likely that they’ll ever be able to forget the friends they lost that day. The death of 14 students and three teachers leaves a hole in that community that nothing will ever fill again.

The monster that is responsible for these horrific events was leisurely walking down the street when he was apprehended. All reports indicate that he has taken a completely nonchalant approach to the entire proceedings. He appeared in court today for the first time, and his total lack of emotion had a chilling effect on those who saw it.

Nikolas Cruz is the defendant responsible for 17 deaths, but his actions left a mark on far more people. The survivors and the family of those who died were left speechless at the way Cruz has acted as if he’s been busted on petty theft instead of facing life in prison. Daily Mail reports that his hearing was held at the same time as the funeral of one of the kids that he ruthlessly murdered in his rampage:

“Nikolas Cruz, the teenage gunman who slaughtered 17 people in a high school massacre last Wednesday, appeared in court on Monday.

The 19-year-old did not look up once as he sat at the defense table in a red prison jumpsuit.

It was a procedural hearing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Cruz was joined by his sympathetic public defender Melissa McNeill who last week put her arm around his shoulder as he faced a judge. She described him as a ‘broken person’.

The hearing was at the request of his defense and was to do with documents which the defense want to keep sealed.

Judge Elizabeth Scherer granted their request and said the document was ‘solely’ to do with them having access to Cruz. She did not say what the files contained.

Cruz is being held in a maximum security prison on 17 counts of murder.

On Monday, he shuffled out of court with shackles around his waist and feet.

As Cruz appeared in court in Fort Lauderdale, funerals for his victims continued near the school.

On Monday, 14-year-old Alaina Paige was laid to rest at a funeral at her Mormon church.

Grieving students brought pink flowers to the service.

Among the mourners were children who brought stuffed animals for comfort.

Hers was the most recent of 17 funerals which will take place as a result of Cruz’s rampage.

In a statement released earlier in the week, Alaina’s family said she ‘served her community’. She, like fellow victim Peter Wang, was a member of the JTROC cadets.

‘Alaina loved to serve. She served her community through her participation in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas JROTC program and her countless hours of service as a volunteer for the ‘Helping Hands’ program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.’

The kind-hearted teenager also went to Florida last year to help with the clean-up after Hurricane Irma, her family said.

‘Her selfless service brought peace and joy to those that had lost everything during the storm.

‘While we will not have the opportunity to watch her grow up and become the amazing woman we know she would become, we are keeping an eternal perspective.

‘We are grateful for the knowledge that Alaina is a part of our eternal family and that we will reunite with her.

‘This knowledge and unabiding faith in our Heavenly Father’s plan gives us comfort during this difficult time.’

Luke Hoyer’s funeral was also taking place.

The 15-year-old’s family eulogized him earlier in the week, telling The Sun Sentinel in an obituary that he was a boy of ‘simple tastes’.

‘He loved his family, his dogs and his friends.

‘Luke didn’t need to say much; just having him around made the room feel warm and welcoming.

‘His smile and good nature will be greatly missed by those that knew and loved him. We will continue to feel his presence in our hearts and souls.

‘He will always be our Lukey-Bear,’ they said.

The funerals of Meadow Pollack and Alyssa Alhadeff were both buried on Friday.

Three adults were also killed.

They were Aaron Feis, 37, Scott Beigel, 35, and Chris Hixon, 49.

All three men died trying to protect students from Cruz’s bullets. On Sunday, Beigel was buried by his fiancee.

Separate services were also held for Jaime Guttenberg, 14, and Alex Schachter, 14.”

These are just some of the people who left their homes on Wednesday without knowing that it was their last day on earth. These are the people whose memories we will have to carry on, and who the court system has to find justice for. If you would like to see pictures and ages of each of the victims of last Wednesday’s attack, they can be found here.

A complete lack of empathy is that is being displayed by Cruz is a classic symptom of a sociopath. If he were being wrongly accused, that would be an emotion, if he has just snapped and did something he regrets, that’s a different emotion. There’s none of that, there’s just a person who doesn’t seem to grasp the gravity of anything, and it’s chilling. That’s who prison was designed for; the people who haven’t learned anything, and who are still a danger to the world. He’s who prison was invented for, and we sure hope he enjoys it.