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Being Self-Centered, an Act of Sin!


The Hollywood scandals: should we convict someone on hearsay alone?

Why Evolution Is True

The increasing number of accusations of sexual harassment or assault by famous actors and producers in Hollywood—the latest is Kevin Spacey—carries two lessons: the practice is far more prevalent than many believed (and I’m one of those who had no idea), and if a powerful man does it once, they’ve probably done it before (viz., Bill Cosby). I was going to write about Kevin Spacey this morning, and in particular Brendan O’Neill’s defense of him in Spiked, “Kevin Spacey is innocent” (what he means is that Spacey’s “not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”, since Spacey was accused of fondling an underaged boy, but it was 30 years ago and Spacey doesn’t remember it)—but then I woke up this morning to read that Spacey has been accused by at least eight more people of inappropriate behavior on his “House of Cards” television show:

All of those involved described…

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A Fraud And A Hypocrite — Joel Osteen

Filosofa's Word

It is said that some 30,000 people in and around Houston, Texas, are in need of temporary shelter in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Some of these people cannot return to their homes yet because of rising flood waters, while for others, there is no home to return to. So many have lost so much, and according to the National Weather Service, it isn’t over yet. Now, when tragedy such as this strikes, who do we think would logically be among the first to reach out, to offer whatever assistance and aid they could? Why yes, the churches, of course. Well, let me tell you a little story about one megachurch in Houston.

You have all heard, no doubt, of Mr. Joel Osteen, pastor of Houston’s Lakewood Church, a 16,800-seat indoor arena complete with plush carpeting and fountains. Seems like a perfect place to shelter at least several hundred of…

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1/3 of the Navy Brass Caught in a Scandal???

Pesky Truth


Hundreds of military officials – including some of the highest-ranking brass in the Navy – are accused of helping a shadowy Asian merchant fleece Uncle Sam for tens of millions of dollars… and you probably haven’t heard a peep about it.

It’s called the “Fat Leonard” scandal, and the investigation into bribes and corruption one of the biggest in U.S. military history. The Navy has investigated 440 people, including 60 admirals, for possibly taking bribes in exchange for phony government contracts and sweetheart deals.

That means the Navy suspects that up to one-third of all its admirals were on-the-take from a foreign agent.

“Fat Leonard” is Leonard Glenn Francis – a 6’3”, 360-pound Malaysian businessman who makes his money servicing naval vessels in the Pacific.

He bribed the Navy’s elite with the finer things in life that only a crooked businessman could provide: Money, the finest liquor, luxurious trips…

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URANIUM ONE Deal Is Treason Not Corruption

COMMON SENSE: The Uranium One scandal is being mis-categorized. It’s being looked at as corruption by Hillary, Mueller, Rosenstein, Holder, and perhaps even Obama. Although it does involve corruption, I believe it is a mistake to view it this way.

Instead, it should be categorized as a National Security breach. For a semi-hostile foreign power to be allowed to own 20% of our uranium, the essential ingredient for making nuclear weapons, is not just a bad deal, it is also treasonous, and it should be dealt with as such.
According to the New Your Times, about one-fifth of the uranium purchased by Uranium One cannot be accounted for. This is not just unacceptable, it is also criminal negligence. This should not be looked at as a partisan issue—not at all. Many people are involved from both parties. Remember, atomic bombs do not discriminate. They kill everybody.

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Corruption in the DNC

Thoughts From Afar

Donna Brazil served as the interim chair of the DNC after Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was tossed out on her ear.  She recently wrote a piece for Politico wherein she revealed how Hillary Clinton’s machine seized control of DNC finances long before she had even received the Democratic Nomination.

Brazil wrote:

“Officials from Hillary’s campaign had taken a look at the DNC’s books.  Obama left the party $24 million in debt —$15 million in bank debt and more than $8 million owed to vendors after the 2012 campaign and had been paying that off very slowly.  Obama’s campaign was not scheduled to pay it off until 2016.  Hillary for America (the campaign) and the Hillary Victory Fund (its joint fundraising vehicle with the DNC) had taken care of 80 percent of the remaining debt in 2016, about $10 million, and had placed the party on an allowance.

“The [Hillary] campaign had the…

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The Way Chicago “Works”: Graft, Corruption, Political Connections, Bribes, Unions


Those who wish to understand how things work in Chicago need read a single article that ties everything together: Teamsters boss indicted on charges of extorting $100,000 from a local business.

A politically connected Teamsters union boss was indicted Wednesday on federal charges alleging he extorted $100,000 in cash from a local business.

John Coli Sr., considered one the union’s most powerful figures nationally, was charged with threatening work stoppages and other labor unrest unless he was given cash payoffs of $25,000 every three months by the undisclosed business.

The alleged extortion occurred when Coli was president of Teamsters Joint Council 25, a labor organization that represents more than 100,000 workers in the Chicago area and northwest Indiana.

Coli, 57, an early backer of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, was charged with one count of attempted extortion and five counts of demanding and accepting prohibited payment as a union official.

Coli could…

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