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TopBuzz [Nurse Puts Dying Baby Next To Her Twin. She Gives Her A ‘Hug’ That Leads To A Miracle]

[Nurse Puts Dying Baby Next To Her Twin. She Gives …]


How to help Cardiff’s homeless people: Christmas 2017 edition

We Are Cardiff

Over the past couple of years, the incredible Project Shoebox has gathered hundreds of boxes from you generous people to gift during the cold winter months. This year Project Shoebox isn’t running again, HOWEVER, some charities that support homeless and vulnerable people are running their own collections. So you can still donate and support. Also big thanks to Mali who has tirelessly pushed Project Shoebox in the city. Much respect.

There’s plenty to show the number of homeless people in Cardiff and across the UK is increasing. The Wallich publish figures of the number of people they support on a monthly basis, and while this isn’t an absolute figure, you can see the rough trend.

You can find out more and donate money to the Wallich here:

If you would like to donate money to Women’s Aid, you can do so here:

You can also donate directly…

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Dealing With The Yukky Stuff; Loving, Living And Serving Like Jesus

The Additional Needs Blogfather

As I headed upstairs to get James up this morning, I heard him giggling…  Normally, this is a sound that thrills my heart, but I know James all too well and at 07:30 in the morning it is rare to get so much as a grunt out of James….  Giggling meant trouble; my heart sank…

Sure enough, as I entered James’ room, an all too familiar scene greeted me (and my senses!)… James occasionally, overnight while he is relaxed and sleeping, does a ‘Number 2’.  The good news is that he still wears a pad at night, the bad news is that if he wakes up early, he will start to play…  Whoever discovers him in the morning will usually shout for help with the words “Brown alert!”

This morning, as I was once again cleaning James, his bed, his room, you surely can’t blame me for sighing (not…

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Let Jesus Help You Heal


John 8:12  “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”  (KJV)

We all know that light conquers darkness.  If you were in a pitch dark room & lit a match, that tiny match would dispel a surprising amount of darkness.

Jesus referred to Himself in the above Scripture as the light of the world for a reason.  Light also gives life- look at plants, as an example.  Without light, they won’t survive.  Like light, Jesus gives life- eternal life.  If you follow Him, He will make clear what path to take in your life.  He also can show you things you might not have noticed before.  (If it wasn’t for Him, I don’t know if I’d know anything about narcissism.)

In your journey of healing from narcissistic abuse…

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Dr. Jimmy Walters


The list of Hollywood sexual predators continues to grow each day. Like the revelation of the priest abuse in the Catholic Church at the start of this century, victims can now speak out as others take the brave step in going public.

There is the psychological aspect to all of this. In cases of sexual abuse, especially at a younger age, victims may not even recall the event until an older age when they feel safe, or when they read about someone else and it triggers a memory.

The abuse in Hollywood, like that in the Church, as it is in other leadership positions, speaks to a deeper issue of power and human nature. Many of the Hollywood cases involve minors, but many do not. The predator takes advantage of others as he or she (although most often he) feels like they have the power, or the right, to do…

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Guest List: My Daughter & Cerebral Palsy

Mother of all Lists

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 3.38.28 PMIt may sounds hackneyed, but before sharing this week’s list, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to every single person who has written a Guest List for Mother of All Lists.

Being able to share these raw, personal unique insights into people’s lives is such an honor.   Over the last couple of years I have laughed, gasped and (mainly) cried at the remarkable journey’s people have been on. It’s really made me appreciate how much every person, no matter who they are, has a story. Not only that, but that their story is always valuable and worth sharing.

This one from Ruth Drake AKA @mum_making_lemonade is no exception. Here she shares a glimpse into life with a child with Cerebral Palsy:

My daughter, Elin, was born following four years of fertility treatment and a successful round of IVF, with a catastrophic brain injury, or as we came…

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Be Kind to Each Other

Louise's World Travels

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day – a day to remember those who fought for our freedom.  A day to remember the sacrifices they gave up so we can be free to do what we want now.  It is a time to reflect.  To be thankful.  To feel the love that is around us.

I spent the day today visiting my daughter – having lunch and wandering around Hamilton, Ontario.  Since I have started traveling, I have started watching people even more.  One thing that was interesting today was seeing so many sour faces walking around in Hamilton.  So much sadness in their faces.  I made a point today to compliment people that I saw, to leave a good tip at lunch to make my waitress know I appreciated her time with me, and to smile at people in the mall to hopefully give them a bright spot in their day.


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