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What This Little Girl Wants After Losing Her Entire Family In An Arson Attack Will Bring You To Tears
February 21, 2018 2:35 pm
There are some stories that just get to you. For one reason or another they just touch your heart in a way that you really can’t understand. This is definitely one of these stories for me. To be honest it’s hard to even write about. Especially around the holidays. This little girls name is Safyre Terry. Her story is an absolutely tragic one, and may make you shed a few tears if you have kids of your own. Take a look at her story and her plea to people on the internet and see if you can find it in your heart to want to help this amazing little girl.

In 2013, Safyre’s home in Schenectady, New York was burnt to the ground. She suffered very serious burns across her entire body. The blaze that caused her house to burn down was actually an arson attack, making things even worse.

The fire that destroyed her home also destroyed her family as well. Her father and three other siblings were all killed in the blaze. The only reason that Safyre survived is because her father shielded her body from the blaze. She has endured over 50 operations, along with the loss of her hand and foot. The burns cover more than 75% of her body. She is scheduled for another operation on January 5th.

Her aunt, Liz Dolder, bought a tree to hang Christmas cards on this year. At the sight of it, Safyre got instantly excited and wanted to fill the whole thing up. Liz told her that probably wouldn’t happen. They normally get around 10 cards a year, and the tree holds 100. Liz is now determined to give this amazing little girl the only Christmas present she really wants though. She is appealing to the whole world for cards by using the Facebook group Safyre Schenectady’s Super Survivor. She wants to give a little girl who lost literally everything a chance to have a happy Christmas.

Like I said before, this story was pretty hard to write about. Safyre has endured so much in her short life. The least we can do as a society is send her a card and wish her a Merry Christmas. If you would like to send a card to Safyre (and let’s be honest, if you don’t want too after reading that then I question if you have a heart) you can send them to P.O. Box 6126 Schenectady, NY 12306 USA. Let’s all give this girl an amazing Christmas!

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